Alicja Laszuk


CI/CD pipelines
Shell scripting
JavaScript & Node.js
Other skills
Public speaking
Writing documentation

English proficient, C2

Polish native

Software engineer with a knack for infrastructure Working with distributed systems, building scalable services, and making tools for fun.
October 2019
to Present
Clio, Systems Engineer
  • Working with MySQL database clusters (self-managed and serviced)
  • Deploying applications on and managing Kubernetes clusters
  • Managing infrastructure with Terraform and CloudFormation
  • Configuring hosts with Puppet and building base containers with Ansible
September 2018
to October 2019
Mobify, Full-stack Engineer
Back-end development and infrastructure management
  • Building SDK tooling for Progressive Web Apps, with server-side rendering
  • Managing and deploying PWAs on AWS with CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Leading engineering initiatives for improving communication and code quality
March 2017
to December 2017
Freelance, Web Developer
Contract full-stack web development for various clients
  • Lead a technical redesign sprint to plan new features and improve code quality
  • Improved code review and developer onboarding processes
  • Created a framework for building HTML email templates in Node.js
August 2015
to May 2016
Goldenberry, Business Analyst and Web Developer
Transitioned from Business Analyst to Web Developer at, a startup launched and owned by Goldenberry
  • Full-stack development using C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET
  • Built new features, maintained and improved legacy code
June 2013
to August 2015
Ministry of Health (Poland), Senior Specialist
Worked as a data analyst, collaborated on healthcare initiatives
  • Created a framework for data analyses and visualizations using R, SQL and MS Excel
  • Lead the Regulatory Impact Assessments team (analyzing economic impact of legislative initatives)
  • Lead the Evidence Informed Policy Network initiative (partnership with WHO)
volunteer and part-time work
January 2019
to Present
Exclamation Foundation, Co-organizer of !!Con
  • Voting on talk proposals
  • Coordinating speaker needs - scheduling, travel, lodging, technical support
  • MCing conference sessions, community management, and social media activity
May 2017
to June 2019
Recurse Center, Contract Alumni Interviewer
  • Conducting conversational and live-coding admissions interviews; worked in numerous programming languages
  • Evaluating applicants’ programming ability and fit for program
November 2016
to September 2017
Zulip, Mentor and Org Admin
  • Google Code-In - mentored high school students participating in the competition
  • Google Summer of Code - mentored two students in contributing to web app and React Native mobile client
January 2017
to May 2017
Girls Code Fun (Polish NGO)
  • Created a course for new programmers in Python
  • Helped teach young people (9-15) Python and Scratch (7-12)
Recurse Center – New York, NY
Self-directed programming retreat. Attended August - November 2016 and January - February 2018
Warsaw School of Economics – Warsaw, Poland
Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, MSc (2012-2015), BSc (2008-2012)
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