Alicja Laszuk


AWS & CloudFormation
Building pipelines
Web development
JavaScript & Node.js
Server-side rendering
Other skills
Writing documentation
Public speaking

English proficient, C2

Polish native

German intermediate, B2

American Sign Language beginner, A2

Software engineer with a knack for infrastructure Working with distributed systems, building backend services, and making tools for fun.
October 2019
to Present
Clio, Production Engineer
  • Creating, improving, and maintaining a globally distributed mesh of service regions
  • Nurturing and evolving the development ecosystem
September 2018
to October 2019
Mobify, Full-stack Engineer
Back-end development
  • Building SDK tooling for Progressive Web Apps, with server-side rendering
  • Leading engineering initiatives for improving communication and code quality
  • Created a workflow for generating graphs and diagrams from Markdown-like files
March 2017
to December 2017
Freelance, Web Developer
Contract full-stack web development for various clients
  • Lead a technical redesign sprint to plan new features and improve code quality
  • Improved code review and developer onboarding processes
  • Created a framework for building HTML email templates in Node.js
December 2016
to March 2017
Outreachy (, Open Source Internship
Selected for Outreachy internship program to work on Zulip, an open source group chat
  • Worked on user experience through discussions, improving developer and user docs
  • Conducted code reviews and worked in Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
August 2015
to May 2016
Goldenberry, Business Analyst and Web Developer
Transitioned from Business Analyst to Web Developer at, a startup launched and owned by Goldenberry
  • Full-stack development using C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET
  • Built new features, maintained and improved legacy code
  • Improved's SEO positioning for specific search terms from top 10-15 to top 1-3
June 2013
to August 2015
Ministry of Health (Poland), Senior Specialist
Worked as a data analyst, collaborated on healthcare initiatives
  • Created a framework for data analyses and visualizations using R, SQL and MS Excel
  • Took part in a 6-week training for Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) in the UK
  • Trained members of the Polish RIA healthcare team in writing and assessing RIAs
  • Lead the Evidence Informed Policy Network initiative (partnership with WHO)
volunteer and part-time work
May 2017
to June 2019
Recurse Center, Contract Alumni Interviewer
  • Conducting conversational and live-coding admissions interviews; worked in numerous programming languages
  • Evaluating applicants’ programming ability and fit for program
November 2016
to September 2017
Zulip, Mentor and Org Admin
  • Google Code-In - mentored high school students participating in the competition
  • Google Summer of Code - mentored two students in contributing to web app and React Native mobile client
January 2017
to May 2017
Girls Code Fun (Polish NGO)
  • Created a course for new programmers in Python
  • Helped teach young people (9-15) Python and Scratch (7-12)
Recurse Center – New York, NY
Self-directed programming retreat. Attended August - November 2016 and January - February 2018
Warsaw School of Economics – Warsaw, Poland
Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, MSc (2012-2015), BSc (2008-2012)
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