Alicja Laszuk

HTML/CSS zines

I wanted to share my handwritten notes on Haskell and other things I’m learning in a more accessible way (previously, I was using Notability). I also wanted to create a pure Node.js setup for generating static websites, without using any external libraries, just for fun.

This project uses:

  • HTML for content
  • CSS for styling
  • a custom hand-drawn font
  • Node.js for generating output HTML

Some zines I created with this setup:

Resume generator

While looking for a new job after moving to Canada, I decided to create a simple tool for generating the resume. The European format I was used to is very different from the North American approach, so I wanted to have some fun while working on it.

This project uses:

  • Gulp for tasks (generating HTML, reading JSON data etc.)
  • Nunjucks for the HTML template
  • JSON for storing the resume data
  • CSS for styling

Check out my pure HTML + CSS resume created with this tool.

Drawing with CSS

I wanted to learn better CSS and have some fun while exploring it, so I started drawing logos and simple images using pure CSS.

Check out my tutorials: