As the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline has arrived today, I have removed all tracking scripts from my website.

I did it to protect myself, as being self-employed implies I’m a legal entity. I never collected any data beyond user visits, be it personal information or passwords.

I have only used two tracking scripts, both external:

  • Google Analytics for getting info on the website traffic - removed completely

  • Recurse Center script for referrals - I removed the script and now only use a static link for referrals (even the RC logo animation is in pure CSS)

Since this website is being hosted on GitHub pages, some data is still being tracked by GitHub servers for providing the service. I don’t have control over what GitHub might be tracking, but I don’t provide any additional data to them. Any data GitHub might have on users after visiting this website is what they willfully provide by browsing the Internet.

I might add a new tracking script to this website in the future, after I make sure I understand if and how Google Analytics is compliant with GDPR.